Since 1979 the world of small parts has changed: new exigences and new workings, new technologies and new types of productions, but the old experience and the handcrafts are ultimately still required ..."
(Adriano Rigato - President and Founder)







Our sales department is able to give an answer to each requirements. We can grant the customer the highest flexibility and quickness, from the service to the supply. We know that the world of fashion is costantly evolving. This is the reason why we are highly organized in order to satisfy your requirements. Our warehouse is supplied with many items for immediate delivery in order to meet the requests and to reduce as much as possible the delivery time. Thank to our experience of more than 30 years we can help the customer choose the galvanic trimmings and paintings.







Quality is our strenght. We trace each product and our production is certified. The production department works side by side with the quality department that sistematically verify incidental differences of the product in each lot. The raw materials have a certified chemical composition and an European preferential origin. Our production and galvanic goods are MADE IN ITALY.









  • Padova Cappella degli Scrovegni
  • Padova Neve
  • Padova Prato della Valle